Welcome on Chipatama

4,000 Genesis Chipatama
Male, Female and Child coded separately,
by the community for the world thanks to
Superflat Art and Web3.
Full Free Mint Solana project,
only for whitelisted tamers !

The Story

4,000 Chipatama got lost in the Web3 trying to escape to the other side.

For a long time, they have been hunted down and then locked up in the real world because of their values and the heavy rewards they produce.
They have now found refuge on the Solana blockchain where they are waiting to be tamed by worthy tamers who will be able to exploit their full potential and show them the way.

The collection will start with a mint of 4,000 Genesis Chipatama, each granting its holder access to special perks and accesses. As the project and the community grow, there will be even more use of them, making Genesis Chipatama the foundation for all things to come.

When all 4000 Genesis Chipatama are fully minted, there will never be any more.



One of Chipatama's fundamental goals is to build a beautiful community of all ages and backgrounds. In order to give everyone the opportunity to join the adventure, Chipatama will be Full Free Mint.

The Roadmap

Part 1: Building a beautiful and engaged community. Create partnerships with other projects to talk about us until the mint.

Part 2: Without wasting time, a collection of 5000 Chipatama friend's will complete our great family. Free Mint for Genesis holders.

Part 3: Merchandise for holders and the general public, the team members come from the world of Art, Fashion and "Future-Ready Streetwear"

Part 4: Metaverse? $CPTA? Real life event? We have our idea. Things are changing so quickly in Web3 that the best thing to do is to stay aware before making a medium-long term decision.

Part 2

The mysterious Chipatama friend's will come to enlarge the family.
An exceptional collection ready to be mint is waiting to join the codex of the best tamers.
The collection will be launched a short while later the Genesis Chipatama.

Part 1